Building a Cleaner Future, Together

We know if we don’t act now, the threat of pollution will only get worse and cause
more harm to our communities and our kids’ health. 1631 is a practical first step to
ensure clean air and clean water for everyone in Washington and gives us the chance
to pass on a healthier state to the next generation.

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    "This is an opportunity that provides jobs for a lot of different kinds of people. Solar is a huge job creator, and could be more." - Bonnie Frye Hemphill, A&R Solar

    The time for clean air, clean energy, and a better future is now. Vote #yeson1631.

    Yes On 1631
    Bonnie Frye Hemphill, who works for A&R Solar, tells us why she supports #yeson1631: "Solar is a huge job creator and could be more. In my mind, the time for action on climate and clean energy is now."

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    ALL COSTS, risk, liability, repairs and impacts from handouts of free air sewage dumping by private industry falls on WA residents. No more! I love saving thousands $$$ with my own solar panel investment, and all WA residents should get to enjoy the same clean, efficiency, endless infrastructure updates! Personally, I would rather keep the infrastructure upgrades and profits for OURSELVES rather then keep shipping them off to out of state Big Oil to enjoy. Why do you think those exact companies are spending $12M to defeat WA state climate action...while ALSO pledging $100M in climate action infrastructure that feeds into their pockets? #MediaLiteracy #ClimateReality #Efficiency #YESon1631

    Thanks Bonnie and all the people working to bring the Clean Energy Economy to Washington! #YesOn1631

    Our addiction to fools fuel is the dumbest experiment in history :(

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