Initiative 1631 will:

  • Protect our communities’ health and leave a better future for our kids;
  • Invest in clean energy, like wind and solar, as well as healthy forests, and clean air and water;
  • Create thousands of local jobs in our communities across the state while cutting pollution; and
  • Establish a fee on the largest corporate polluters, to make sure we are all doing our fair share to protect our state.


Investing in clean energy and healthy communities


Over 40K Jobs
20 million tons
of pollution reduced
Improved public health and safety

Investments in Solutions

This fund will accelerate Washington State’s transition to clean energy, build climate preparedness through clean water and healthy forests and reduce the impacts of climate change on our communities.

Transportation-related reductions in pollution

Energy efficiency projects

Helping farms and forests sequester carbon

Incentives for clean energy projects such as wind and solar

over $250M for climate preparedness

Improved health of our forests and reduced likelihood of forest fires

Investments in critical water conservation and clean water projects

Over $50M to protect communities from climate impacts

Investments to:

Fire preparedness
Public safety
Public participation

Carbon pollution explained

Carbon Fee
at $15/metric ton on carbon emissions starting January 1, 2020
Goal Oriented
$2 annual fee increase until greenhouse gas reduction goals are met
Targeted Exemptions
to meet specific needs of Washington’s key sectors

National Leadership

Washington will be the first state in the nation to pass a price on carbon pollution on the ballot. Read the Full Initiative
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