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Yes On 1631 Get Out The Vote Organizer

Yes On 1631 Get Out The Vote Organizer

Washington State clean air campaign seeks Get Out The Vote Organizers in Seattle, Washington.

Successful candidates will have excellent personal organization, be goal driven self-starters, and able to both work in a team and motivate large teams of volunteers.

Clean Air, Clean Energy

Clean Air, Clean Energy is a broad coalition of organizations, unions, businesses, tribal nations, and funders committed building Washington’s economy, improving the health of our residents and leading the fight against climate change. Members include Community to Community, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 21, Washington Conservation Voters, The
Nature Conservancy, Washington Federation of State Employees, One America, Climate Solutions, The Tulalip Tribes, American Federation of Teachers Washington, Puget Sound Sage, Got Green and many more.

The coalition is the primary entity sponsoring Initiative 1631 – a ballot measure investing hundreds of millions of dollars into cleaning our air, tackling climate change, and holding corporate polluters accountable with a fee on their climate pollution.


Organizers will be responsible for leading local teams of volunteers in Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities like canvassing, phonebanking and peer to peer outreach. This position will involve campaign hours with frequent evenings and weekends. Responsibilities include:

  • Support volunteer leaders, called ‘climate justice stewards’, to lead canvasses and phonebanks and generate hundreds of thousands of voter contacts in a targeted region of Washington State
  • Drive volunteer recruitment through regular calling, phonebanks and using other recruitment tools like peer to peer texting software and event recruitment
  • Drive volunteer adoption of friend to friend outreach tools like VoterCircle
  • Ensure volunteers report results of canvasses and phonebanks nightly, and turn in data to be processed in a timely fashion
  • Lead public events like presentations, campaign kickoffs and volunteer trainings
  • Maintain relationships with local partner organizations and develop strategies to grow the campaign’s volunteer base
  • Implement other tactics as directed by campaign leadership

Desired Qualifications

  • Excellent personal organization
  • Some experience with issue or electoral organizing
  • Familiarity with Voter Activation Network (VAN)
  • Ability to multi-task and thrive in a fast-past campaign environment
  • Strong passion for climate justice, equity and environmental issues and Comprehensive understanding of the interrelated issues of racial and environmental justice

Application Guidelines

Interested applicants are invited to submit a resume, a cover letter outlining relevant experience and qualifications, and three references. Email application to Interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis.

This is a temporary position that starts on October 2nd and runs through November 7th 2018. Salary is $750/week. Benefits include a transit pass, mileage and phone reimbursement.

Clean Air, Clean Energy is an equal opportunity organization. We are committed to hiring and advancing personnel with an explicit regard to advance women, people of color, LGBTQ people, and other people from traditionally underrepresented communities.

1 month ago

Yes On 1631

What this campaign has shown is you can bring diverse voices, from every corner of our state together around a common solution. Despite the most money spent in our state's election history and an unprecedented mis-information campaign from out-of-state oil companies, Washingtonians took an other step forward towards solving this challenge. We were not successful in passing this initiative but this coalition of tribal nations, communities of color, health professionals, environmental and clean energy advocates, labor unions, businesses, and faith leaders stands ready to continue this fight.

The solution may change but our values and goals remain the same. We will continue to center the voices of those most impacted by pollution and work for a just transition for communities in our state so that everyone can share in a clean energy future.

The growing problem of climate change will only get worse the longer we delay solutions. This issue is not going away and neither are we. We stand ready to fight in next year's legislature and beyond, together.
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I think you should all be so proud that you got 850,000 people to say YES! That is amazing! You are an inspiration! Don’t stop!

This coalition needs to stick together and press the legislature.

"I'm so fucking proud of you guys!"

We'll keep fighting the good fight and spreading the word about legislation that is necessary to make green energy the status quo! Proud to have taken a stand with all of you wonderful supporters.

You need to press the state legislature to pass this. If they stand up for what’s right they will do the right thing, but they didn’t earlier this, what are the chances this time? There needs to be a concrete plan on where this money will be spent. Voters need to know how much subsidized home solar they will be able to qualify for, or exactly how big of a rebate on a qualifying long range electric vehicle would be before a bill like this gets a yes vote from the low income areas of WA. The low income need to know how much in energy rebates they are going to get from the state before voting yes. I live in a county where it was defeated by 70% because a 14 to 59 cent increase in gasoline would have hit them very hard. It’s not big oil’s money and false advertising that caused this to lose. The plan simply needs to be better.

heroes and sheroes and awesome humans every one of you!

I believe much more advertising was necessary, I saw hardly any. The only signs I did see went up on the final day. 😞 We have to continue the fight though! ♻️💚 it’s not over.

We will all just move to

It's not over. We got to start over.

and, no, it wasn't the advertising money spent, it was the details that you lost me with. we are not all dazzled into stupidity by an overabundance of tv ads.

I am sad but also knew when my mother, significant other and their 2 friends who are heavy supporters of the environment (have even worked with politicians on issues for environmental isduesin past) voted No, that we had a problem. It was written confusing and as everyone knows, heavily funded by the opposition. I live in Clark County and didn't see one, not ONE, sign while driving around town that said to Vote yes... Didn't see one ad and only read 1 article in our local Paper that was neutral about it all. My hubby also voted no due to "we will have to pay and the companies won't" belief...

I consider myself environmentally concerned, but I could not vote for this. It exempted too much, punished/taxed too little, needed to be revenue-neutral to the average WA State taxpayer ... too many things wrong with it for me to vote in favor. Come back with something smart that will affect real change and I'll vote yes.

It was great to be a part of this. Dealing with cranky people when calling or a wet afternoon when canvassing was worth it for this! Now I’m trained for future elections!!

The only county this idiotic bill passed in was liberal King County. You must like paying high taxes. Quit trying to raise everyone else's.

There is always next election. Money is needed to counter the funds that went to No on 1631.

People won’t care until pollution is killing their children.

Hey. Now that this horrible tax was defeated can you please get rid of your signs (made from petroleum products) from Shuster Parkway and Ruston Way in Tacoma?

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